Saving money on your Mileage and Tax Bill

Are you like many of our clients, somewhat struggling at keeping track of your mileage to offset against your tax bill at the end of the year? This is exactly how we came across TripLog a few years ago, we had been searching for an automated mileage logger, one that was straightforward with reliable accurate reporting which allowed us to deliver our clients’ year end accounts with ease, saving valuable time for our clients and ourselves.
If you haven’t already tried using a mileage logger to track your business miles then here’s a mileage tracker that’s really worth considering. We love TripLog in the office, it’s the best app for keeping track of your business travel that we’ve found so far.

So many benefits and it’s free

How many times have you forgotten to log the small daily journeys, trips to suppliers or the post office? These trips all add up and costs money if your expenses aren’t recorded properly. When you leave the TripLog app open on your mobile, it recognises when you travel more than 5 miles per hour and starts to record your journey. All starts and stops, mileage, routes, and time is recorded automatically. You can also use tags to identify the trip you are making. So there’s no need to worry about missing trips or trying to remember where you have been and how many miles that you have travelled.

Say goodbye to paper fuel receipts

Having far more features than we could even use but if you are a tech whiz, you may well use them all. However we particularly like the feature of recording your fuel purchases by simply taking a picture with your phone, click to save and you have a digital copy which you can’t lose. Easy to forward on to your accountant with the rest of your paperwork and an end to stuffing your fuel receipts in the glove compartment.
This app can track your fuel usage too so you know what kind of mileage that you’re getting from your vehicle, whilst gaining some understanding as to how economical your vehicle drives or how you drive your vehicle, much food for thought concerning your driving style and any future vehicle purchases.
All journeys including your personal mileage can be recorded as well, using the tool this way can deliver some good insight and assist with personal budgeting too.

Straight to your Inbox

The reporting system is excellent and will make any accountant smile, the weekly summary reports are sent to your inbox and can be forwarded to your accountant. Saving you money, time and not to mention stress.
This app surpasses our expectation and all of this for FREE. However, for a small fee you can also download a paid version from Triplog, with even more great features such as multiple vehicle recording.
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