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Taking care of our customers is at the heart of what we do.

We know that many accountants will have a testimonial page on their website where they name some clients of which they have provided great service. But call us old fashioned, we've never really felt comfortable promoting our business in that way and consider all aspects of our client confidentiality as one of the most important things to us.

We know we offer a fab service as our clients seldom leave us. We've outlined just a few case studies here though we could go on and on. If you are serious about joining us, you can have as many references as you need...


One of our clients got into significant debt by major over-borrowing at the time when banks were encouraging everyone to spend to excess. The business was actually trading successfully but with huge over-spending and massive debts accruing, the client desperately struggled to manage the business effectively.

At the time, we were finding it hard to get our client to understand the errors that had been made. The business owner did decide to step to one side and allow a new management team to take over. Fortunately, the new team listened to our advice to rescue their business. The process started with putting proper systems in place to improve cash flow and to deal with the historic debt. We helped the client negotiate with the creditors including the bank. We also arranged reasonable payment plans with HMRC for VAT and direct taxes liabilities, bringing the clients that much needed time required.

It was an extremely stressful time for our clients but we supported them with a fluid mentoring approach; continued management information including cash flows, budgets, balance sheets, projections for the bank, re-financing, ultimately, preventing bank foreclosure and HMRC enforcing bailiffs.

It took some time with plenty of effort, and after a 3 year period the debt had reduced to manageable levels and the business was not only back on track, its performance had also improved substantially. And for us, the most important thing was to see the relief felt by our clients combined with the optimism and drive that came as a result. Nothing gives us more pleasure.


When a new clients came onboard they had exceeded the VAT threshold but had not yet registered. We dealt with the VAT registration process for our client and negotiated with HMRC about the late registration. After considerable tenacity on our part, HMRC agreed to reduce all penalties to nil.


Our clients had the misfortunate to work with a supplier who had provided incorrect paperwork to HMRC. Diligently, HMRC uncovered this fact which not only presented issues for our clients but all the other customers that the supplier had dealt with. Our clients through no fault of their own was left owing HMRC £45,000. This amount of money was enough to put them out of business. We stepped in and after much consultation, agreed a payment plan which was affordable, allowing the business to avoid liquidation and continue.


When an export led manufacturer client hit some challenging times and accumulated hefty financial problems, the bank decided to take a percentage of the business. At the time, the majority stakeholder thought that the bank would be a valuable resource in the partnership. This wasn't to be and the relationship between the bank and client become very strained. The company was lumbered with the bank shareholding and a finance agreement which was no longer sustainable. The majority stakeholder then unfortunately passed away and the estate wished to sell the shares.

As you can imagine, this was an extremely distressing and a worrying time for the company. We performed the position of negotiator with the estate and the bank whilst seeking a new lender and preparing a wealth of management forecasting information to raise new finance. The negotiation with the estate proved successful and the other minority shareholder acquired the shares.

The negotiation process with the bank was lengthy but we found a lender that understood the export market and was a far better fit with the company. The bank shares were also bought back by the company. The company was able to proceed in its own direction, operating with a new finance system which made trading easier and significantly improved cashflow. This allowed the company to accelerate to record sales resulting in healthy profit.

We do make you a promise

We are confident about our services and would like you to be too, hence our 100% Risk Free Guarantee.

If at any time you are not completely satisfied with our services, please bring this to our attention. If we are unable to resolve your concerns, you don't pay. Ask for this at any time within 30 days of the work and we won't expect you to pay a penny.

Reasons to join us

  • You decide how you work with us – accessible 24/7 easy online accounting software or face to face
  • Always be treated as a client who matter - unlimited support and you will work with chartered accountants
  • Save on your tax bills – pay only the minimum amount of tax that’s legally required
  • Know exactly where you are up to - with regular review meetings
  • You can say goodbye to any compliancy anxieties – remain completely compliant with regulations, including IR35 and auto enrolment
  • There’s no surprising bills – full service accountancy with our competitive fixed monthly fees
  • Smooth changeover – if you’re moving to us from another accountant
  • NO setup fees or tie-in contracts

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